Lynette is a former Occupational Therapist and has worked closely with people with arthritis for many years.

Doug is an experienced Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and Yoga Teacher.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year....!


January is here and we are pleased to offer a brand new 'Introduction to Tai Chi and Qigong Course'.


This new course is especially suitable for those wishing to explore Tai Chi and Qigong for the first time.


Enjoy your Tai Chi...!

Happy New Year...!

Enrolment Form Downloadable from the Contact Page

Feedback for Autumn 2017

Our Participants report: -

Classes were well Organised

94 %

Teaching Aids were useful

90 %

Movements taught Step by Step easy to follow

98 %

Movements were adapted for Safety and Comfort

96 %

Overall Opinion of Courses

98 %

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day - April 2017

A typical Tai Chi Class

98% of our participants reported that Tai Chi benefits over a range of Health problems.  Improvements typically include improved flexibility, balance and strength as well as better coordination and concentration.  Also often mentioned was being less stressed and more relaxed.


Overall everyone agreed that our Tai Chi Classes were both sociable and fun to attend.


Tai Chi Testimonials from Autumn 2017

"A mix of learning for pleasure with health and social benefits.... is suitable for any any age and ability."

GF, Winnington


"Very enjoyable classes with a a great group of people!"

MC, Northwich


"Helps to maintain flexibility and balance.  Also helps to slow deterioration caused by arthritis."

GC, Cuddington


"Having some health issues I was concerned that Tai Chi might not be what I was looking for.... I couldn't have been more wrong!"

GK, Rudheath


"I always sleep especially well after practicing Tai Chi!"

GZ, Hartford


"The slow movement has improved my concentration and coordination."

MC, Northwich


"Because I am shown how to adapt the movements, Tai Chi is now the only form of exercise I can do safely."

PP, Weaverham


"I like the fact this is healthy activity which my wife and I can share."

NT, Wincham


"Tai Chi is helping me to recover from my broken leg."

NG, Winnington


"I am continually impressed by your professionalism and high standards of teaching.  It is a joy to participate in your classes which you deliver with humour as well as care and compassion."

VM, Little Leigh


"Lynette & Doug are able to break down complex sections into simple movements, modified for me."

JN, Hartford


"Tai Chi has helped me with my confidence.  An enjoyable class to attend.  Can't imagine not coming to classes."

MP, Leftwich



New Introductory Class!

Introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong

10 Week Course

Polish Parish Social Club

London Road, Northwich



Commences Thurs 25th January 2018

1:30 - 2:30 pm


01606 784715 - 07712445589

Our Ongoing Winter Classes start on the week commencing 8th January

If you are thinking about trying Tai Chi, don't delay - please get in touch with us.  We will always try to accommodate newcomers wherever possible.


We will be offering daytime and evening classes in the Northwich Area (please see table below) and we hope you will join us.


With our Warmest Wishes,

Lynette & Doug Bowler


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